If you haven’t you are missing out on some of the most beautiful things human can capture with a camera and using the technique know as timelape. Because Mockmoon produced some of the most inspiring, beautiful and awesome looking videos on the internet.


For example a video I have used with the post featuring Danny Choo’s Culture:Japan, miniature city 2. A video made from the pictures he took of the city of Tokyo and the music by Vividblaze.

It made me realised that Japan is just so clean and orderly, to the point that I first thought this is a plastic miniature of Tokyo City, instead of the real city itself.

But still the best of his work are still for his Nature Time Lapse series of video, taken from the peak of the mountain, the side of a pond or the outside of the rest house in a forest trail. It’s not something we see everyday and not something we notice a lot due to the limited time we have to stay in the same location for that extend period of time.


His video made me realised how the environment never change or how drastic it changes, giving me the calm, my soul needs in that short wonderful minutes, especially with the beautiful music that accompanies it.

It’s so wonderful that his works have won him the Youtube Japan Video award 2009. But all these doesn’t matter for his contribution have already been rewarded by the countless souls he had sooth. Now to bring you a few of his other series.


The miniature trains.


Sunrise and Milky way rising at Kirigamine

And lastly Mockmoon’s most beautiful work, Nature Time Lapse 2


Website: Mockmoon

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