The biggest Information Communication Technology trade show for South East Asia is now into it’s last day and I have visited the expo for this very grand event.

I’m quite overwhelmed by what I saw during the walkabout in the show. It’s just amazing, with so many to see but I doubt there is much interest in many of the exhibits by the normal consumer. But there is this one booth that will wow all regardless.

NTT DOCOMO attended the event this year, bringing along their My Concierge service on their phones to showcase. It is represented by their sheepy looking mascot, jumping around the phone’s main screen. To my understanding, the users can link their phones to a series of services, by inputting certain information.

For example, there is this well recommended restaurant you saw on TV somewhere in Tanglin mall, and you input it’s location hoping to visit it one day, I see you shaking your head…, most will forget it as soon as you input the information… However your phone remembers and the next time when you are at Tanglin mall, your sheepy concierge pops up and reminds you of it.

The technology makes use of the GPS technology as long as some common sense to make it work. Having this service mean you will never not know where to go for a date, to find a sale, and not to goto.

Yes, where not to goto, or at least take precaution, since it will constantly update itself for the weather of your destination and your current location.

Not to say, all this functions comes with very beautiful powerful phones, some are even from famous designers. There is also this phone that can be split into 2, 1 part a touch screen and the other a handset with projector. And the the phones that can produce stunning 720p videos, that only certain high end phones can do.

However not all phones from the NTT Docomo gets the concierge treatment…

The smartphones certainly do not have this function, regardless of whether if they are using Android or Windows Mobile 6.5. Including the Sony Ericsson Xepria X10, their first android phone that “beat” the iphone in Japan but It comes even with a Summer Wars Koi Koi game!

I didn’t know there’s an app for that…

But surely they will be catering more to the smart phone crowd right? Yup, halve right.

A representative told me that, in Japan not everyone will want to use a smartphone and out of the 20 million population of Japan there will bound to be a good amount of market for the feature phones, and give their customer the choice to choose.

Of cos they will also be bringing more in terms of smartphone choices, like the Toshiba Windows Mobile 6.5 Phone T-01b, or that Sharp net book like phone running the android but looks like a macbook, SH-10B LYNX. Both to be released in Japan this July.

Alas, these phones might never get out Japan and we will never owe one… but it’s really very interesting to see them up close and have a talk with them.

The LYNX seem especially interesting and the number of people wanting to touch it are quite a few, so much that I can’t even take a proper picture… But if the cellphones makers are hitting out of Japan, like what NEC Casio Mobile is going to be doing then we might have hope that Sharp, Japan’s number 1 cellphone maker might do just the same.

After all if Sharp is playing with Android, this war of the phones just got more interesting!

Website: NTTDocomo, CommunicAsia 2010

Updated: Just in, Toshiba and Fujitsu is confirm to be talking about merging their Cellphone operations. And is going to be entering the Asia Markeet! Yes! more phones to choose from!  Now Sharp, what will you do?

Source: Mobilecrunch

FYI, just across them is Samsung showcase primarily their new Wave and Galaxy S. Both are actually quite well build, with the Bada installed Wave coming across as a more solid phone. It’s really responsive, but it seem kinda limited…

The Galaxy S, which is running an android 2.1+ is a good phone, but it’s kinda spoiled by it’s plasticky feel unlike the Wave. This phone will also let you have an Iphone like User Interface, which is easy to use and navigate. On top of the Android’s market place, the phone can also get apps from the BADA’s market place, which are now looking for developers…

These phones are now available in Singapore, you can find them in almost every Mobile Phone shop, especially the Wave, which has a demonstration set everywhere.

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