The cruel world of the animals will be on us this fall, as Cat Shit One, the ultra cute animal shooting animated series will be free on Youtube. On July 17th, Cat Shit One episode 1 will be placed on youtube for free.

Cat Shit One is based on the manga “Cat Shit One” or Apocalypse Meow in the US, by Motofumi Kobayashi in 1998 and then to be animated by Studio Anima.

However the animated series will be taking a different storyline compared to the Manga’s Vietnam war background, but instead focusing on the Private Military Company in the States too small to defend themselves after the fall of the Soviets and the rise of terrorist cells and groups.

The story will be following a few USAGIs into the battle field as the fight the terror and help the states too small to defend themselves. You can see the translated trailer below.


Eh… Here is the bad news… Singapore and certain regions will not be able to catch the show due to certain licensing issues… as you would get this message if you are blocked from the content on copyright ground…

This video contains content from IDAEntertainment, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.

Looks like we will have to find another way to watch the show then… … Wasted…

Website: IDAentertainment Youtube page,

Update 19th July: The show is now online and a search on google will be able to bring you somewhere, but just for he record, I watched it, here… Quite grainy, uses facebook video and might be gone soon…

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