Tokyo Anitour is back. And this time, you will be attending the Animelo, a concert of Anisongs. Something like …


Animelo is a concert where all the anime songs singer in Japan comes together to hold a 2 day long MEGA concert in Tokyo, Budokan Saitama Super Arena, the biggest hall in Japan. This is not the first year that Animelo was held, and this will not be the last but every year there will be a theme.

The theme this year is EVOLUTION. And will be featuring an amazing lineup of artist from multiple companies.

Of cos this is not the complete list… This is.

First Day: Angela, Chiaki Ishikawa, Kanako Ito, Minami Kuribayashi, GRANRODEO, JAM Project, Sphere, Yuuka Nanri and fripSide

Second Day: Ayane, Ali Project, Masami Okui, Yukari Tamura, Minori Chihara, Faylan, Nana Mizuki, May’n, and Halko Momoi

You should also note that the above list is not final and will be more action packed. The 2009 Animelo for example have 37 artist and bands performing over 90 songs spread between the 2 days of the concert. This years it looks like a very fierce second day, Nana Mizuki, May’n, Minori Chihara, Ali project… … The second is is going to be good… very good…

Of cos the first day will be propped up by Jam Project, Angela and Chiaki Ishikawa. So it will be good also… just not as much as the second day…

For those wanting to see a small preview, you might want to look at Animax Musix… That might get aired on the Animax channel which is now free with Starhub’s variety channels in Singapore…

To add to the already tempting deal is a the price of the package… That includes a full day Tokyo tour, including locations like Nakano Broadway, Akihabara, and a performance at Dear stage live. Enjoy also a day of freedom in Tokyo and 2 full days of the concert.

All for the price of…

If you are thinking what is a land tour… It’s a package for those not from Singapore or at least not traveling from Singapore, you can join the tour from Tokyo Narita Airport. Meaning you fly/boat/swim/teleport/email yourself to Tokyo yourself at your own expenses.


Then better act fast because the booking ends in June 2010. Click the website link below!

Website: Tokyo Anitour: Animelo Summer Live 2010!

Psst: There is even an installment plan… find out on the website…

P.s.: Looks like there is a tax and fuel surcharge which cost S$231 (subject to change w/o prior notice). And it’s not included in the bill yet, still it’s a good deal thou.

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