Did you know that MYnT, Singapore’s most talented, sexy, young and wonderful girl group, have moved into their new digital home. And the header that represents them can be considered a piece of art, well modern art. Hey, It’s definitely good looking enough to be collectibles…

For Yoshimi, the clearheaded, saucy one. She had this for her header… Oh so nice…

Clean version

What you will see…

Now go visit her at http://www.projectmynt.com/yoshimi/

The young and innocent one, Tomomi… She has 4 headers, which she just kept on adding things to… oh so cute and undecided… lol. The one below is the final edit,

Clean Version,

What you will see,

For Tomomi, her place is http://www.projectmynt.com/tomomi/

As for Miyake… The Spicy, Wise, Hot, making me confused one… She, like Tomomi, has 4 versions… but interestingly, she omits the ice cream picture from the final artwork, choosing to stick with her already very good looking header from previously but with a revision.

Take a look, Yum I see Ice Cream…

Final edit,

and what you will see,

And this is her new address, so do visit her, http://www.projectmynt.com/miyake/

The change for now are merely just cosmetics thou, and all of them have imported their posts from previous blogs. And re-did the widgets and etc… They are still bloging on the respectively, Makeups, makeups and makeups. I myself would like to know more of their practice and maybe a bit of cookies on when their PV will be release…

Disclaimer: I am no stalker, I just found the header address interesting and tried what any other curious guy with a bit of technical knowledge will do… changing a few letters in the address bar…

Thou, the designer and coder of the website should be commended for their excellent work. So which header do you like best?

Which MYnT Girl's Blog header do you like most?

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And so the address are,

Miyake: http://www.projectmynt.com/miyake/

Yoshimi: http://www.projectmynt.com/yoshimi/

Tomomi: http://www.projectmynt.com/tomomi/

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