This month… I don’t have fancy books to buy and even got myself quite a restraint on resources… … Still I have got myself a few games, blu-rays, mangas, a AV Receiver and a figma.

Nice, do note though the AV Receiver is kinda like a family thing… … Well I’m in debt again…

Last month I got BattleField: Bad Company, and I really liked it. So much that I got myself the squeal, BattleField: Bad Company 2, after trading 3 older games for it. Btw, I have already completed the single player mission.

To my surprise, it’s a lot different from the first game. It’s made almost like the other thriller shooters, with the fun segment almost entirely removed… What happened to the comical plot, the injector, the GOLD and my reckless teammates?

But in return, I got a more serious storyline that can lead to the destruction of the United States of America, which is very loose, very badly linked together with the occasional drama and etc. The game play however is very fun and exciting, much like the highly acclaimed Modern Warfare series…

Oh, I’m still collecting the guns… and is not very keen in the multiplayer part of the game, which is supposed to be the main seller… …

Final Fantasy XIII, I finally got the game… Still playing it, now in chapter 4. And it’s already boring me… The battle system is not as good as the one shown in the DEMO disc, I’m a bit disappointed… Unless I have not unlocked it yet… Technically I can just Auto Chain all the way… which is not very fun…

Question, Can I run around the battlefield? Cos, some of the attacks by the enemy don’t seem to hit me unless I’m right next to them…

Visual wise, it’s a beautiful game along with a very nice soundtrack, thou I have not reach a part to hear the “My Hand” song yet. Nothing much to say about it also.

Maybe that’s because I have not completed the game. Next…

Heavy Rain, found this in the second hand section of the game shop at a very good price of $53, Zenical from Zone Otaku told me that the cheapest price you can find on the market is $40-45, so bargain hunters do take note!

But I must insist that I complete my FF XIII before I start on this epic adventure, after-all one adventure must end before another can begin.

Next 2 are blu-rays,

We Were Soldiers, as always, this is a good movie and I have watched it in HD, along with my new AV setup. This is one good BD to own, with good Special features. I order my BD online so I can get better price compared to getting it at the shops… I even get next day delivery, that is so cool. With it, I also got a new HDMI cable at $13, while the BD cost me $30.

James Cameron’s Avatar, THIS BD IS AWESOME!

The picture is just beautiful, if you have a blu-ray player and a HDTV, you must get this Blu-Ray disc. Forget about the DVD, really! It even comes with post cards and many, I mean MANY language options.

The not so awesome part is that I got this at a store in Simei… for $49.90 original price, while I could have got it at $45 online… Luckily my dad got this for me, =D

Otomen Vol 9, in this volume, the fight against Asuka’s mother’s system begins. We also find out why Kasuga hates Asuka so much. This volume is a good read. After reading this volume, I’ll not be surprised if Aya Kanno is a man… But I’ll still be disappointed… Very.

News bits. Did you know that Otomen had already been adapted to a TV Drama since last August? Now… Anyone know where I can get hold of that?

Black Lagoon Vol 4. The action is brought over to the Japan island with the Russian mafia creating havoc in the peaceful country. Mafia VS Yakuza begins. This also contain the concluding chapter of Goat, Jihad, Rock ‘N’ Roll.

Very good read about being tainted by darkness. Sorry no spoiler here.

Pioneer VSX-519V-S/K, this is something I got at the Electronic Show this last weeks… And I must say, I LOVE IT! Even though it don’t have the latest technology like the DTS:HD, Ipod link and etc. To tell the truth, this model is going to be replaced soon by pioneer with their VSX-520  model already on sale in the United States. But since I got this set, along with a Speaker set and a DVD player at a good price, I don’t mind.

It’s cheap enough to know that I can change it to a better one later. I just love the bargain! Now I have a full pioneer set, too bad they are moving out of the HDTV line… Haiz…

And finally, my Cheer leader Mikuru figma.

I got this at quite a bargain, of just $20+, now maybe I should bring my Yuki home soon.  But the figma seems a bit low in quality, is it because of the model being quite some time ago?

Of cos, this one that I don’t consider a loot… but the Signatures of music composers, Sakimoto Hitoshi(Final Fantasy XII) and Sakamoto Hideki(Echochrome). I got them after the concert, Fantasy Comes Alive organised by S*tar Baby Production.

Now, that is all I have got since the last report… And you might be disappointed, since there is no new car and etc… but all’s good with me. Next month, you might see some blu-ray anime box set, because I’m really quite interested in them… With the new setup, low USD and etc. Hmm maybe I should!

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