Are you sick of the same mechanism of fetching a quest and then going to complete it, even when you know that nothing will happen if you don’t do it…

Then how bout a world where your action matters and, if you with your friends don’t step up to save the world, dreaded monsters and the undead will overrun the village, there by loosing a shopping center or two…Worse they will even use that location to launch further attacks on your side’s territories… Making you loose more shopping centers…

How bout it are you game? Then look forward to Guild Wars 2, yup Guild Wars.

The first game made me an addict of MMO for a month before I run dry and return to reality… Why? It’s the only good looking no subscription needed MMO with a decent plot and gameplay. The world can be huge and interesting, with me progressing thru like a normal RPG, with real counter-parts.

The second seems like an extension of the first and might prove to be quite a winner. But for now, it has only been explained with no real demos… … It will prove to be quite interesting.

Maybe you can make something out of the wall of text explaining the game mechanism…

[Websites: Guild wars 2 | Guild Wars 2: Dynamic Events | Dynamic Events Overview by Colin Johanson]

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