Finally a Football anime that is not made up of high school/junior high students. And this time it’s different, truly different. We have ETU, East Tokyo United, an underdog in the J1 League of Japan and have just lost their manager.

Being desperate and running out of options, ETU’s staff brought home their once STAR player to take up the manager role. But Tatsumi is not without merit, afterall he did bring FC East Ham, a little unknown football club, to the 4th round of the FA cup against Portsmouth. And it’s through him they hope to once again start their GIANT KILLING!

But what is Giant Killing?

It’s a term where the underdogs, win in a competition against the more established strong clubs. Therefore like killing a giant, which some see as almost impossible. This is actually quite common in the FA cup, or so I’m let to believe…

And yes this is a sports anime, much like OVER DRIVE, and One Outs! You see the characters through either hard work, teamwork or tactics, emerging as the winner.

I listed OverDrive because there is this character, Daisuke Tsubaki, that really reminds me of Mikoto Shinozaki. Both are exceptionally talented but are shy and need a mentor to back them up.

And that mentor would have to be Tatsumi, the manager, who is much like the mix of Yosuke and Tokuchi. And that in itself is quite a potent mix of skill and tactics that can keep the audiences on his/her feet, much like a good game of football.

Also on the lookout list is Gino, for his skill in manipulating the player, friendly or not into doing his desired acts, Gino however is lazy… …

With such a wonderful team, it’s hard to not see Giant Killing this season. Especially when it’s animated by Studio DEEN, and the manga have also recently been awarded the Best General Manga in the the 34th Annual Kodansha Manga Awards. Currently, the anime is into it’s 6th episode and gaining traction.


Giant Killing is on channel BS2(in Japan) every Sunday at 11:00 JST. This is a very good anime, and you should try it too!

*Maybe liverpool fans will love this anime and hope they can do better the next season…*

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