Hooray, Singapore is the first country outside Japan to get the right for the movie Gantz which is neither previewed nor done. The movie will only be released early next year(2011) according to schedule, and the 2nd one somewhere in spring.

It’s expected to be quite a talk of the town with it’s two superstar in the cast, one being Kazunari Ninomiya from Arashi and the other being Ken’ichi Matsuyama famous from Deathnote(L), DMC(Krauser II), NANA(Shinichi “Shin” Okazaki) and many more. Additional cast includes Takayuki Yamada of the Densha Otoko(Movie), as the mysterious man “Shigeta”.

The budget for the film is considered to be high with the 2 stars, each owning 10 pieces of the “Gantz” fighting suits, costing 500,000Yen(US5400, SGD7500) each. But with 45 companies in 13 countries trying to get the rights to the movie they should have enough to spend.

For now, it’s unknown whether if the film will be shown at which Cinema group and licensed by who.

Gantz is a story about 2 student who died trying to save a homeless but is reanimated to serve “Gantz” by killing the targets, all but 1 of them are aliens.

[Source: ANN]

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