Good news! The government will be reopening the streets of Akihabara to the weekend crowd once again! With the initiative re-starting in mid-July.

Akihabara’s Street will be open to pedestrians in July, in effect returning shopper paradise, which used to be a norm until a terrible incident that happened almost 2 years ago.

That incident lead to the death of 7 and injuring 10 others, you can find out more in an wiki… It was just shocking…

However before the incident, the streets used to be open on Sunday and public holidays for shoppers to roam, artist to perform and people to have fun in general. You will even see cosplayers roaming the street and people having fun just like in an carnival.

It’s good to see that things will be returning to normal, and the 35 year old tradition is not lost forever. In a way, it will also be honoring those who are lost in that incident.

News Source: Jiji press via ANN

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