Well what more can I ask, with the ticket being only $39 for me, as compared to maybe the Final Fantasy Live concert that is easily twice as good but double the price… Ah but that is an unfair comparison.

Adrian Tan, the music director did a wonderful job last night. Keeping the musician’s spirit high, although the concert house is only half filled. While the music is good, I can feel a sense of disappointment along with the music, it gradually disappeared along with the night but it left me a rather bad after taste.

Things did turnout to be better with individual musicians are allowed to show their stuff, like during the performance of the music from echochrome. The Strings were featured in this music and they did well to keep my attention despite there being a game play demo on screen.

If there is one song that I must point out, then it must be Cruel Angel Thesis. The first time they play it before the intermission… It’s a mess, with the tempo going fast then slow… and then fast… it’s as if they are adjusting… A very uncomfortable performances it is… The encore version on the other hand was better, way better. I can feel it.

Eyes On Me, turns out to be the  best played song for me… Why? Maybe I’m just bias… :p

Overall, I must say this is an  agreeable performance. With the team of musician pumping out quite a sound even with just 15 of them not counting the Music Director.

Set list for the May 1st concert.

— Start —

Break the Sword of Justice – Tsubasa Chronicles

Scar of Time – Chrono Cross

Granado Espada Medley – Granado Espada

Kyoudai – Fullmetal Alchemist

Vampire Killer – Castlevania

Vamo Alla Flamenco – Final Fantasy IX

Succeeded Wish – Valkria Chronicles

Prime #101 – EchoChrome

Prime #7 – EchoChrome

Hikari no Senritsu – Sora no Woto

Never meant to belong – Bleach

Cruel Angel Thesis – Neon Genesis Evangelion

— Intermission —

Aimo (Tori No Hito) – Macross Frontier

Life’s Merry Go Round  – Howl’s Moving Castle

My Neighbor Totoro Medly – My Neighbor Totoro

Final Fantasy Tactics A2 Medley – Final Fantasy Tactics A2

Odin’s Sphere Main Theme – Odin’s Sphere

Touch – Romeo X Juliet

Penelo’s Theme – Final Fantasy XII

Eye’s On Me – Final Fantasy VIII

Tetris medley – Tetris

Megaman Music Medley – Megaman

— Encore —

A Song of Storm and Fire – Tsubasa Chronicle

Cruel Angle Thesis – Neon Genesis Evangelion

Life’s Merry Go Round – Howl’s Moving Castle

— End —

Other then the music there is also the appearance of not 1 but 2 music composers, Mr Hitoshi Sakimoto(FFXII and Vakriya Chronicles) and Hideki Sakamoto(Echochrome). They are even giving out signatures for free after the event, to a point that they stay till midnight on the first night’s show.

And here is a group photo of the organisers and friends. For your information, Star Baby production is now working on their next production. Ki Ki kidding, a local comedy show.

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