The price for the long awaited game from Activision Blizzard, Star Craft 2: Wings of Liberty is fixed!

It will be coming in 2 type of packagings. The very expensive, very fully packed Collectors edition. Containing a 174 page Art book, OST CD, StarCraft and it’s broodwar expansion CD, and a Making Off DVD. Oh not to miss it out a Thumb-drive, shaped like Jim Raynor’s Dog tag and for the customisers a special downloader from

And the no frill, normal edition at US$60 or around SG$80

Surely with the price out, we can be expecting the launch date to be announced soon, within the next few weeks they say.

For now lets look forward to the game!

FYI: The Collector’s Edition is looking at a price tag of US$100, which is about SG$140. Have fun!


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Update: For the Singapore version and maybe the South East Asia Edition, the price is announced to be at SG$109. Which is an disappointment… and can be considered a ripoff especially when you can get the US Edition from sites like for just SG$92 as of 30th May with free delivery within Singapore… What you don’t get thou might be SEA server located in Singapore for the SCII in SEA experiences…

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