3 girls who love anime get together to form a pop band. Covering famous Anime/ Pop Songs (Japanese/English) with a fresh and current electronic dance style. The girls are aged 17 ~ 20 years.

MYNT, the latest local sensation will be releasing their first PV soon! Being so thoughtful of them, they even setup a delicious website to announce their release. And yes, they really love anime, a lot.

For those not in the knowing, MYNT is something like the legacy of the Moe Moe Kyun Maid cafe, with the girls being the key appointment holders of the cafe during Anime Festival Asia 09.

They are,

Ferlyn Yoshimi, the Head maid.

In my opinion, she is a confident, kind individual in the few chances I have talked to her. She did came back from Japan after studying there for sometime, and have really been the teacher in being stylish and service along with her skill set, she can quite fit the statues of being a DIVA!

FYI, She has recently also became a tour-guide, in CTC’s Anime Tour 2010.  There will be much to look forward too, in her!

Miyake, or Miya stated in the picture.

She has been a model before and can really hold her fort in any dance competition. Not to say, she has a good personality to boot and can also be counted on as the leader of the pack, with her being the most matured member of the group.

Perhaps she will provide some sassy education to the girls and up the notch a bit in entertainment?

Aren’t you excited already?

Lastly but not least, we have Tomomi.

While she appears quiet and shy compared to the other 2, she is in fact really active, cute and approachable and an awesome sight to behold. With a range of talents from Singing, dancing, modeling, being cute and etc, she has the potential to shine very bright. Like a Sun, she can brighten your day by quite a lot, with imoto moe-ness gushing out of her at the same time!!! How is that possible?!

Not only that, she is the youngest of the three and can be considered the younger sister with the energy to run around and gathering all of them together for practices.

With the 3 together, it proofs to be a potent concoction that can either lead to potential head damage or addiction. So you are advised to stay away, thus allowing me to enjoy a bigger part of them, don’t you think so?

Just kidding, they will a sensation and should be shared to all! Thus spread the word and together usher in a new generation of Singapore Idols!

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If you want to stalk them, they are available on Twitter and Facebook too… but try not to scare them please…

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