Loh-tee also known as bread. Is a fluffy most of the time white produce by mixing flour, water and yeast. And then baked to perfection in a mold.

The side crust or skin of the bread is usually the best part of the bread thanks to it’s chewiness.

That is not be confused with a dog named Loti, that liked to eat the crust of bread. And hangs out with the children of the sneaky kids club, in the 4 column online s-comix named LOTI by Troy Chin.

The story is primary about this primary 2 kid named Shu Wen, and his merry friends along with this very special dog, Loti. This dog really knows how to hide, runs fast and friendly.

This online s-comix is updated everyday with new a strip, bringing along with it daily fun of a primary two’ers. Allowing everyone to relieve the childhood, or for parents, when their ward is younger.

It has been a source of fun and laughter for me, everyday since discovery

The published version of the s-comix is now retailing at around $17.90, in Kinokuniya Main Store(Takashimaya) and Books Actually, and includes 2 specials which talks about being environmental friendly and being gentlemanly, Shu Wen’s style.

So if you need to read something daily, do include this as 1.

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