Remember the post I did just 2 days ago, the one about the girl sitting next to Yui. Apparently the movement have expended, especially the from the crowd at 2ch. Flexing their film investigation skills, the crew at 2ch have not only unearthed the names of the girl sitting next to Yui, which is Tachibana Himeko, but have also started on the whole class… Of 38 girls, a common consensuses among the 2ch investigators.

Currently, the investigators have already mapped out 4 names using just the first 2 episodes of the 2nd season.

Tachibana Himeko

Eri Taki


Takahashi Fuuko(Mio Megane version)

Using methodologies like the class’s name list that Yui took a peek at, the TV channel’s Close captioning, assumption and other references. Certainly as each episode airs, more names shall be revealed and the class of 3-2 will be known to us!

I must say that is a lot of work, and kudos to the investigators at 2ch. You guys are the best!

[Source: via Sankaku Complex(NSFW)]

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