Hirano Aya is not married, after the last few days of constant no acknowledgment by me. I am really to acknowledge the truth that, she is not getting married and is still waiting for me. To live with me in a life of companionship.

I am alive!

Confirmed in post on her blog today, Hirano Aya made clear that she is neither married or engaged. And once again remind fans that she will not get married. Citing that it is too much commitment for her. If it really comes to that, she will just live with him(which is me).

She also apologised for acting confusingly, posting the picture of her wearing the ring and expresses gratitude to the fans who supported her.

Fans reaction regarding the news of her marriage ranged from outright anger, frustration, feeling of betrayer, in denial to the more calmed, questioning since when did wearing a ring meant getting married, and not cared.

It has been as rather bad year for Hirano this year as she suffered from illness and resulting maybe in hair-loss. But she remained highly motivated and have even got herself a new refreshing looking hairdo. Short hair!

It looks so good on her!!!

I’m happy!

[Source: Hirano Aya’s blog on 15th of May Via Hashihime]

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