As many should have known by now, Rapelay, the game that caused so much angst last year was again digged out from the dead to be covered byLao Kuang, or something similar…


And this week to continue the “success” of the story, an expert, Dr. Olson, was invited to give her opinions on the issue. And this should be give a Plus plus. Infact all parents of juniors should watch it and reflect on it rather then blame Hentai games, which majority of the normal kids should never find out unless CNN tells us.

To tell the truth… I have never heard of Rapelay until last year… For your information, Rapelay is published in 2006 and is now Out of Print. CNN did all the children a real favour by tell them that it can be found online, FOR FREE…

Lets see which kiddies will be downloading the game, thanks to CNN’s recommendation. Have fun children!

Remember to thanks CNN.

[Source: CNN via GamePolitics via Kotaku]

Related source: for better quality of the featured video report with a write-up.

PS: LOL at the Anchor-man loss for words, at the suprising respond…

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