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Today at the dawn of the day, when I have no access to a proper post writing computer… Sunrise announced Code Geass Gaiden, Boukoku No Akito. With the characters designed by CLAMP, this might be the Code Geass anime that Sunrise had announced to be making, December last year.

Why the might? Because, this is announce in a trailer found on the Blu-ray version of the event Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion Kiseki no Birthday and the format is unknown.

The only tidbits that was given with regards to the story said,

In this broken world, we still dream
The hellish European front.
A small squad infiltrates enemy territory to save their allies.
That squadron’s Nightmare Devicers/Pilot are boys and girls from Area 11.
The mission’s chance of success is only 5%.
Why do they fight?

[Source: ANN | @cowboybibimbop | Moetron]

And indeed the story is weird… Are the boys and girls geass users? And this a sick experiment to prove the power of it’s users, or are this Devicers nothing more then a game for the royalties?

The location of the story might be in Scandinavian, the land of Dracula. Since the castle featured in the trailer is of a typical one often featured in old Dracula films. Interested already?

Btw, Area 11 is Japan, and Britainia just conquered it 7 years ago… In fact there might even be Suzaku reference in this Gaiden(Side Story)…

Indeed, Why do they fight?

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