Updated: On Andriasang, there is a small read thru of the magezine revealing a lot of stuff… You should go take a look.

Key points are the revival of Banpresto? thru Banpresoft?

New orignal settings on planet Eria, and CC taking a big role in the game and etc.

[Source: Anndriasang]

Only on the PlayStation 3.

Yes, thanks to a leak by the 2ch’er of a report in this week’s Famitsu. There will be a Another Century Episode game coming to us, hopefully this year, since it’s 70% done.

Look at the Magazine scan for proof!

Currently according to source, the listed series are,

Genesis of Aquarion, Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2, Macross F, Macross Zero, Super Dimension Century Orguss, Full Metal Panic, Overman King Gainer, Gundam Seed Destiny, Z Gundam, and Crossbone Gundam.

Many thought that ACE 3 is the end since it’s had been publicised as such… Now it’s back on the PS3, now perhaps they will give us some Super Robot Wars action… since traditionally, they complement each another… Then again local and English gamers need not look forward to an international edition since, ACE and SRW is traditionally Japan only… but who knows…

Also I hope this also make way for the other ACE game… Ace Combat… The PS3 really need a good Fighter Aircaft game.

More information soon? I hope.

Thanks Ants for the Tip Off!

[Source: Scrawlfx | Andriasang]

Head over to the Andriasang article for more yet to be confirmed leaks… Neptune sounds interesting…

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