This march, there seems to be a Japanese movie festival, with the release of 2 Japanese live-action movie and 2 animated ones. Within a short range of just 1 to 2 weeks… Well we are in for a treat!

Remember, just before March, we have Summer Wars, and it’s still on screen at selected Cathy theater, an award wining production by MADHouse studio together with Hosada Mamoru. Just to name a few, it have won, the best TAF animated film of the year, Award of Excellent in animation at the Japan’s 33rd Academy Awards and  Animation Grand Prize at the 13th Media Art Festival.

Personally I give this show my seal of approval for the quality of content and animation. Those with big family/extended family must go watch it!

On the 11th of March itself, 3 shows will be making the big screen here in Singapore.

Kaiji: The Ultimate Gambler

Distributed by Encore Films and GV, this thriller will be in big screens at all GV and Cathy theaters today, 11th March 2010.


Adapted from the Manga of the same name, it tells of a Fleeter(A person with no long term job), Kaiji, being forced into paying the debt(2 Million Yen) of a friend after the friend ran away with him being the guarantor.

Nodame Cantibile: The Movie I

Well I just wrote a post about it… Opens 11th March 2010, at all GV and Cathy Theaters.

Yona Yona Penguin

Another project by MADHouse Studio. With MADHouse doing the Art Direction and Story, and outsourcing the animation of the show. It’s MADHouse Studio’s 1st full CGI film, with an anime touch.

It’s a story of a girl in a penguin suit, named Coco, going on a Journey!


However it’s still unclear whether if we are getting the Japanese Version or the Europe/American Version.

Professor Layton & the Eternal Diva

Went to see the film preview, and will be writing a post about it if not for the late hour… Opens on the 18th of March 2010 at all Golden Village Screens for now.

It’s based on the Nintendo DS game Professor Layton, and produced by Level 5, the Game maker. I must say, this will be a good film to bring children along, they will love the show. It has the entertaining factor, but can be quite easily forgettable, unlike in the game. Perhaps it’s because of the puzzle being too easy or the way that it have been answered.


If you like action, you will not be disappointed at the last quarter of the film, amazing pokemon like ligthings and animation. Although it does have a few scenes that will leave the audiences wondering and at time they talk too much, too long, trying to resolve the puzzle. Overall this movie is not the game, but it does have characters well done and the plot can predictable but still there can be a twist.

Those who loves Hayao Miyazaki’s films(House’s Moving Castle, Ponyo ponyo, and etc) you should have no problem liking this one. If all else fails, stay to see Nana Mizuki’s character sing.

Notices, This movie comes with some extra scences after the credit, so please stay till the end.

These 4 are the shows coming our this month, a wonderful 4! One for each week, how wonderful!

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