The Ani-Culture set off for KL for May’n部長’s first personal concert in this region! ! !

Why first? Didn’t she performed in the past 2 AFAs in Singapore?

Here’s why, AFA concerts were part of an ensemble, and she performed with other artiste as well. Probably due to that, the concert then will feel distant as compared to Sunday night’s.

Well, this post will probably be a big mean wall of text since no photography was allowed and my main purpose is to enjoy 部長’s performance, having to take photos may not be nice for me now, and besides, my gears aren’t that suitable for those extreme low light situations. >.<

Anyway, the hall was probably similar in size to what we had during the first AFA, which means a much more closer contact from the audience and 部長. And from the music that was played before the concert, we may be in for a good performance and the eager Malaysian fans seemed to be having fun as well, chanting May’n non-stop even there is still time before the concert starts.

And as the clocks hits 8pm, and lights off and attention turned to the stage. The dancers took the stage and started to warm the crowd up.

Of course, to kick things off, May’n started with Welcome to My Fan Club’s Night (Styles version) which is quite fitting as that night is really something for her fans. I am trying my best to recall the correct order of the set list she sang, so there may be some titles in the wrong order. Too excited to note it down then.

So, the set list as it is:

Welcome To My FanClub’s Night! -Styles ver.-
Get Ready!
Pink Monsoon
Your Rock
Deep Breathing
ダイアモンド クレバス
What About My Star
射手座☆午後九時Don’t be late
Heart & Soul

What a whooping 19 track concert she dished out! Though I wished May’n had sang Let Me be Myself, 妖精, ギラギラサマー (^ω^)ノ & 永遠 as well, but nevertheless, it is still a epic concert. She may had a little jitters in the start, but as the concert went on and along with the ever eagerness of the fans, May’n brushed aside the jitters and delivered an unforgettable act for us there.

The crowd also get in the act as well, following May’n’s little dance actions in M-Revolution, Get Ready! and of course, XYZ. Even she spent some time teaching everyone to follow along in the steps for XYZ! Way to go 部長! The crowd’s loving it too!

Her choreography for songs like Get Ready!, パラノイア and ユニバーサル・バニー is awesome and fitting in seamlessly as well!

And, her 2nd outfit for that night sure raised temperatures too! Gorgeous and glamorous! I can foresee some people gonna curse their luck for not attending it. . .

As expected, she ended the main part with 射手座☆午後九時Don’t be late, but something was missing as she went off to get changed for the expected encore. . .

As the music was played for the first encore song, the crowd went wild, it was ライオン! ! ! How can this concert be complete without this song! ! ! Following that, May’n ended it with May’n☆Space and we went ‘La, lalala, lalala’, ‘La, lalala, lalala’. Boy, how she and everyone in the hall enjoyed it!

With that, the concert began to end, of course, emotions almost got to her, but May’n held firm, thanked everyone for the support and signed it off with ‘Heart&Soul’, how fitting for the end.

And that marks the end of her first concert of the tour.

Almost perfect, save for the fact that the sound output was bass heavy, M-Revolution was played with a tad heavy bass that got our ears ringing even when the concert ended. Despite repeated reminders not to take photos or videos during the concert, there was a handful ignored the rules, that is a bad spoiler.

All in all, May’n’s first concert in KL is a success I say and everyone seemed to enjoy it, if not for constraints, I will probably jet myself to HK and Taiwan for the remaining concerts as well.

To 部長!: ありがとうございました!

Hope to see you perform again in this region soon!


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