Well to tell the truth, KL have one of the most hectic evening traffic in all the places i have been too… yes it’s worst than Bangkok.

Maybe that is why Sunway Prymaid is sooooo out of the way from the KL central, so far away that, it’s a 30 minutes ride by taxi, cost of ride, RM27 to RM30.

But that has to be the place May’n makes a personal appearance.

During the short 15 to 20 minute event, some 50 to 70 people turned up at anime tech, Sunway Pyramid. Chanting and calling for May’n, whose late due to the traffic… with Felyn trying to control the anxious crowd.

During the appearance, she was asked a few questions by the MC, MYNT’s Felyn.

MC: What’s your Impression of Malaysia?

May’n: … … …

I didn’t catch the answer for this question,  but it’s very positive!

MC: What’s the first thing you ate in Malaysia?!

May’n: Na-si-le-mah!

Yay!!! Nasi Lemak!

MC: What other food do you want to eat?

May’n: Roti Canai(Roti Prata in Singapore) and Pisang Goreng(Fried Bananas)!

MC: This concert is part of yourAsia Tour, what other countries are you going to after Malaysia?

May’n: After Malaysia there is Hong Kong and Taiwan.

MC: What can we expect from tomorrow’s concert?

May’n: For tomorrow’s concert, I want to sing and dance with everyone!

The QA session is followed by a signature session with a few winners. During which a group of 3 calling themself the Macross Frontier Malaysia Association presented May’n with a VF-25 customised with a Big Wave logo and an artist also presented May’n with an drawing.

In exchange they got a signatured copy of the BIG Wave Asia poster.

Note: I did find something interesting in the shop Anime Tech after everyone left… Original R3 release of the Code Geass and CG:R2, I’m very sure it’s original, at a low low price…

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