We have reached the hotel safely, and would be heading out in an hours time to grab some lunch, then the trip down to May’n place for an interview session this afternoon.

To our surprise, May’n is going to be practicing her english today with the interviews and we glad to be one of the few, so much so that we even brought along our voice recorder. >.<

May’n… English…

Don’t worry folks, we have also a guest, Ivan, our trusty translator for the day with us to help us or May’n if needed, so that nothing gets lost in translation!

After the interview, I’m sure everyone want to attend the live event at Sunway Prymaid right… Well don’t worry if you cannot be there, we will let you in the loop if anything would to happen.

We do expect a huge turnout and a very happy May’n, today.

Then we will be heading there as well in the afternoon. Of cos we will also be visiting Anime Tech, an anime merchant in Malaysia. Doing a little recon on the stuff found on the shelves here in KL, Malaysia.

After all we did find some rather interesting things at the bus stopover point.

SAF Insect Repellent... At RM11 per stick. >_<

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