While the Ani-Culture team headed to KL for the May’n concert, but there is something else extra that we must do as well.


Authentic A&W Rootbeer, curly fries and waffle + ice cream! ! !

In case you readers don’t get why we went into a frenzy, here’s why. The A&W fast food franchise was once a popular hangout for us back then, but times got bad and around 2002, the last outlet in Singapore closed down and we re more or less deprived of the wonderful mugs of Rootbeer float, waffles, curly fries and cony dogs.

But, we at last, found the long lost fast food chain in SunwayPyramid! Usual SOP applied, Rootbeer float, curly fries and of course, the waffle ice cream. And we even did not had to eat a proper dinner afterwards. . .

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